No more Pamplona-Style Bull Run in California

Friday, March 13rd 2015

Pamplona bull runBull Run in Pamplona © Wikipedia

In the state of California (United States) no bull runs will be held. Since 2012 the Great Bull Run organizes runs in Pamplona-style in several states in the United States, during a cross-country trip. These bull runs do not take place in a city area, like in Pamplona, but in a field where people run with a group of bulls. No bulls are slain during this bull run but the animals suffer from stress and they can get hurt during the run.

Animal welfare organizations PETA and ALDF started a lawsuit against the Great Bull Run in California since the event would violate state laws on animal welfare. It is prohibited in this state to provide animals unnecessary suffering. PETA and ALDF have reached a lawsuit settlement with the Great Bull Run to hold no more bull runs in this state.

Last year, the organizers of the Great Bull Run did not succeed in organizing bull runs in Los Angeles, Lake Elsinore and Temecula since the local authorities did not consent to the event because this is a security and public health risk.

In California only one running of the bulls has been organized so far in Alameda in 2014. For 2015, there is currently one bull run planned in Chicago, on 18 July. CAS International spread a petition against the Great Bull Run through the social media and we will support our sister organizations to drive the bull run in Pamplona-style once and for all from the United States.

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