Will Bogota stay free of bullfighting?

Thursday, September 11st 2014

Bullfight © CAS International
Bullfighting © CAS International

The Constitutional Court of Colombia has determined that it is permitted to retain bullfighting in the Colombian Capital of Bogota. In 2012, Gustavo Petro, the mayor of Bogota, decided to stop allowing the organization of bullfights in the bullring La Santamaria and to create space for cultural and educational events free of animal suffering. He made this decision after CAS International sent a letter to the major of Bogota, signed by many organizations that make an effort for the abolition of bullfighting, requesting to prohibit bullfighting in Bogota.

The Constitutional Court now states that bullfighting should return to Bogota in order to ensure the artistic freedom of the bullfighters. During the weeks before the Constitutional Court came to this decision, several bullfighters went on a hunger strike to protest since no more bullfights have been realized in the last two years. In the meantime, Gustavo Petro has stated that he would rather lay down his position as mayor than to let bullfighting return to the city. He also said that he will do everything in this power to keep bullfighting out of Bogota. At this moment, according to Petro, it will not be possible to perform any bullfights in the bullring since the building is in need of renovation.

For now, our Colombian colleagues have started a campaign named #ConsultaAntitaurina, stating as major objective the organization of a referendum on the prohibition of bullfighting in Colombia. This step could mean the end of bullfighting since the majority of the Colombian population is against it. CAS International supports this campaign and has joined the first actions on the social media.

Since the statement of the Constitutional Court, no bullfights have taken place in the Colombian capital yet. We will inform you about the developments in Bogota on our website.

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