Barcelona is animal defender of 2014

Wednesday, September 24th 2014

Defenzoor del año  © Defenzoores
Award Defenzoor del año (Animal defender of the year) © Defenzoores

Every year, in the Colombian city Medellín an award is given for Defenzoor del año (best animal defender) by our sister organization Defenzoores, supported by CAS International. This year the city of Barcelona received the prize, since the Catalan capital is an example for the rest of Spain regarding animal rights and animal welfare. Since 2012 bullfighting is prohibited in Catalonia, partly because of the lobby work we have done for years. This historical step was taken in Barcelona. CAS International applaudes that Barcelona is the winner of this great award.

The examplary role that Barcelona plays in Spain, is similar to that of Medellín in Colombia. Medellín is the most animal friendly city of Colombia. The local government spends a lot of money in protecting and saving animals. Since both cities mean so much for animals in their own countries, they have started a cooperation in which they share information and experiences on their methods of improving animal welfare, to achieve a more efficient way of working and to be able to accomplish more for the animals.

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