Awards for Spanish public figures opposed to bullfighting

Monday, March 14th 2016

Gala Rock in Vega Gala Rock in Vega © LTNEC

On Friday March 11 the gala Rock in Vega took place in Madrid. Spanish public figures received an award for their support and dedication to end cruel events with bulls in Spain. CAS International travelled to Madrid to be present during the awards ceremony. The event was organized by the platform La Tortura no es Cultura (Torture is no culture). CAS is part of this platform.

It is the first time that municipalities, public figures and organizations that are not part of the anti-bullfighting movement receive a price as a recognition for their work. The nominated persons work for the end of bullfighting and cruel feasts with bulls without fear for the political, economical and financial power of the bullfighting sector. More than 60,000 people voted on the nominated public figures, and these are the results:

-      1st price: the municipality of Guareña, since this is the first municipality in the state of Extremadura to end events with bulls and reallocates the subsidies for bullfights to school books since 2012. Extremadura is a state where it is difficult to end events with bulls.

-      2nd price: La Sexta, a Spanish television station that supported the anti-bullfighting movement by denouncing publicly events with bulls and broadcasting on actions against bullfighting. Other television stations silence our work.

-      3d price: Spanish actor Dani Rovira for standing up for animals and his demand to politicians to take the required measures to protect animals.

There was also a price of shame for a politician who worked intensively in defending the cruel death of bulls for entertainment. She refused to discuss a citizen’s initiative in Madrid against bullfighting, she declared bullfighting as cultural heritage in the state of Madrid, what resulted in the foundation of the platform La Tortura no es Cultura. Her name is Esperanza Aguirre, politician of the conservative political party Partido Popular, and she was president of the state of Madrid.

Important Spanish celebrities (cultural, musical and political) were present during the gala, music was played and the Colombian international musician Chucho Merchan performed as well. It was a successful awards ceremony that, in the first time of Spanish history, recognized the work of important personalities and politicians in their work to end bullfighting.

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